Just-in-time Blackboard Learn and Zoom Tutorial Videos

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Tour of Learn

This video covers how to login, layout of the landing page, how to open a course, and course layout.


Adding & Editing Content Items

This video will guide you through how to add and edit content items, such as text, files, images, and web links.


Adding Modules

This video covers what a module is and and how to add modules to a content area.


Adding Folders and Moving Items

This video provides instructions for how to add a folder and how to move items into the folder.


The Course Menu

This video covers what the course menu is, how to rename items on the menu, and how to add items to the menu.


Creating Tests & Quizzes: Part I

In this video, you will learn how to create a test and how to build questions.


Creating Tests & Quizzes: Part II

This video covers how to configure your test options.


Creating Assignments

This video will provide an overview on how to create assignments, how to configure the four most common assignment settings, and how to use the less common assignment settings.


Grading Assignments

In this video, you will learn how to access the Needs Grading page and how to grade student submissions.


Creating Discussion Boards

In this video, you will learn: how to create a discussion board, how to create a link to a discussion board, and how to view discussion board posts and reply to them.


Grade Center Fundamentals

In this video, you will learn how to add graded items to your course, how grade columns track student submissions and grades, how to access the Needs Grading queue and the Full Grade Center, and how columns, rows, and cells work in the Full Grade Center.


Download the Learn Template and Add It to a Course

This video provides instructions for downloading the basic Learn template and adding it to your course.


Editing Captions in Kaltura Videos

This video demonstrates how to edit captions in Kaltura videos.


Adding a TA to UNM Learn Course

This video covers how to add a teaching assistant (TA) to a UNM Learn course.


Zoom Basics

In this video, you will learn how to access UNM's licensed Zoom, find and change settings, create meetings, post session links in Learn.


Zoom Host Control Panel

This video provides instructions for using the Zoom Host Control Panel, including: how to set up polls, enable nonverbal feedback, use the chat function, and allow screen sharing.

The video tutorials below were designed and produced by a graduate student in the OILS program as part of their capstone internship project. Please take a moment to complete a short survey to provide your feedback on their quality and effectiveness. Your valuable insight will improve the videos for future use and inform your fellow Lobo's graduate work. Thank you.


How to Change Notification Settings

This video covers locating navigation settings and how to change notification settings.


How to Set Up a Test Availability Exception

In this video, you will learn about locating the test options page and creating a test availability exception.


How to Create Weighted Grades

This video covers how to locate the weighted grade function and how to create a weighted grade column.