Reviews for New or Redesigned Online Courses

Internal Review Process: 1. UNM Online Approves the Course to be Scheduled  2. Connect with CDL Instructional Designer  3. Meet with designer to set expectations and timelines  4. Submit Course for Internal Review  5. Receive Feedback  5.Make any remaining changes to meet UNM Online Course Standards Rubric

If you have been approved by UNM Online to offer a new or redesigned online course, you will be assigned an instructional designer to work with you in the process. In your first meeting, you’ll want to work with your instructional designer to lay out a timeline to complete the course design.

Once the design of the course is complete, you’ll have an opportunity to have the course go through a review with the Digital Learning @ CTL team. The designer you have worked with and two other expert designers will carefully look at your course to ensure that you meet all the criteria in the “Accomplished” column of the UNM Online Course Standards Rubric (Word Version). Your designer will share this feedback with you within five business days, and help you plan to meet any remaining requirements. 

Fall 2021 Deadlines

If you are eligible to receive a stipend for your new or redesigned course taught in Fall 2021, you will need to have your course ready for review by October 25th. The Digital Learning @ CTL team will have your feedback within five business days. All requirements must be met and updates made to the course by December 17th to receive your stipend. Contact UNM Online if you are not sure if you are eligible.

Reviews without Stipends

Sometimes courses are not eligible for a new or redesign course stipend from UNM Online, or instructors choose not to accept the stipend. Nonetheless, those instructors may still benefit from the feedback of having their course reviewed by our team of instructional designers. If you would like to have your course reviewed without a stipend, please reach out to your instructional designer to initiate the process. There aren’t deadlines for these optional reviews. You and your designer can work out a mutually convenient timeline.

Benefits of Working with an Instructional Designer

From concept to delivery, instructional designers at Digital Learning @ CTL are an excellent resource in creating effective and engaging online courses. If you haven’t worked with us yet, take a look at how Digital Learning @ CTL can support you.