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The Center for Digital Learning offers a wide range of support options to faculty on the main campus of UNM.  Each fully online faculty is assigned an instructional designer to assist them with the pedagogical and technological considerations of teaching online.  We also offer a range of workshops on our Learning Management System and a 6-week course covering the ins and outs of teaching online.  In addition, we offer Open Lab sessions for our web-enhanced faculty and can come to your department to cover specific topics.

Our instructional designers are here to help you design and build a course that follows best practices for online learning. Their pool of knowledge and experience means that you are getting the backing of the whole group as you build and teach your course. They are here to help support you by teaching you how to accomplish your goals online and troubleshoot when things don’t go as planned. You aren’t alone in this journey to teaching online—consult with your designer!

We are located at Woodward Hall in Room 140C.

Stephanie Spong

Associate Director, Center for Digital Learning
(505) 277-6436
Mail: Stephanie Spong

Stephanie Spong has been the associate director with the Center for Digital Learning since June 2019. Previously, she was an instructional designer and then campus director for faculty development and instructional design at Valencia College in Orlando, FL. She has taught college level English and first-year experience courses for nine years at both UNM and Valencia College, and won numerous teaching awards for both her online and face-to-face teaching. She has co-authored articles in Computers and Composition, Kairos, and Journal of Business and Technical Communications. Stephanie holds a BA in English and Women’s Studies from the College of William and Mary as well as an MA and a PhD in Language and Literature from the University of New Mexico. She is a proud Lobo and happy to be back in New Mexico to support UNM faculty and students.

Rob Wolf

Instructional Media Project Manager
(505) 277-5767
Mail: Rob Wolf

Rob Wolf has been involved in adult education, training, and team development since 1999. He received his Bachelor’s degree from UNM in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology in 2010, and began work with the online course design group at UNM in 2011. He received his Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from NMSU, and has been working as the Instructional Media Project Manager at UNM for the online course design group since 2014.

Marie Browder

Instructional Designer
(505) 277-1046
Mail: Marie Browder

Marie Browder has spent 27 years of her career involved in Educational Technology: 11 years at the K-12 level and the past 16 years in higher education. During her time in higher education at the University of Kansas and the University of New Mexico, she has assisted faculty to enhance their experiences with distance education in web enhanced, hybrid, synchronous online (ITV) and fully online courses. Using a framework of researched best practices, Marie’s main role at UNM is to work alongside faculty as they develop courses for the fully online platform.

David Gomez

Instructional Designer
(505) 277-3479
Mail: David Gomez

David Gomez has a bachelor's degree in International Business and a master's degree in Learning Technologies, both from Universidad de Guadalajara, and a Ph.D. in Organization, Information & Learning Sciences from the University of New Mexico. He joined the Online Course Development Group in 2015.

David's first language is Spanish and he is a basic user of French. He has taught the course OILS 481, Technological Change and Society as an online instructor for the Organization, Information & Learning Sciences program at UNM. David is part of an interdisciplinary research team who uses Learning Analytics to study interaction in online discussion forums as it relates to the concept of Social Construction of Knowledge and culture.

Amanda Holderread Heggen

Instructional Designer
(505) 277-9984
Mail: Amanda Holderread Heggen

Amanda Holderread Heggen is an instructional designer with the Center for Digital Learning. She has a PhD in special education and did her research on the intersection of horror art theories and the social construction of disability. Amanda’s primary interest as an instructional designer is to find ways to make courses increasingly engaging and accessible for diverse students and instructors.

Nick Humphries

Instructional Designer
(505) 277-3479
Mail: Nick Humphries

After serving 8 years in the Armed Forces, Nick Humphries started pursuing his education while working for the University of New Mexico (UNM) in 2011. While Nick has spent most of his employment at the School of Law, he joined the CDL team in late 2019. Nick graduated with his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Art Studio in 2016 followed by his Master’s Degree in Organization, Information & Learning Sciences (OILS) with a concentration in Instructional Design and Technology in 2019. While Nick’s primary core focus was in Instructional Design, he has also obtained graduate level professional certificates in eLearning and Organizational Development from the OILS program. Nick Humphries also has a certificate in mediation.

Marcia Kloepper

Instructional Designer
(505) 277-0313
Mail: Marcia Kloepper

Arriving at University of New Mexico in June 2013 from a Land-grant University 1200 miles away, Marcia brought with her a vision and personal goal: "To assist instructors to digitize content for online delivery that will result in a rewarding teaching experience and a knowledge-building learning experience for students". Her career began with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, with a minor focusing on programming languages for use in the business sector. These degrees led Marcia through a professional journey of enjoying the challenges of: computer programming for business applications, a Senior Systems Consultant at a global banking corporation, multiple web design consultations, IT administration for academic department at the Land-grant university, a managerial role for virtual 3-D building and animation-design, plus online course design and the delivery of on-demand training videos for government entities and faculty from multiple public universities.

The first online course content she remembers reviewing was in 1998, years before she became WebCT-certified. Many technology changes have occurred over the years since Marcia first became interested in the hows and whys of computers, computer programming, and the internet, but digitizing content continues to be a joyful and delightful challenge.

Rene Koehler

Instructional Designer
(505) 277-0997
Mail: Rene Koehler

Rene Koehler is an instructional designert with the Extended Learning Course Development and Faculty Services team. Her background is in adult training for commercial and government organizations where she has acted as a graphic designer, web designer, and courseware developer. She hads a strong enthusiasm for online education because of the expansive opportunities it provides to students.

Bill Swann

Instructional Designer
(505) 277-3479
Mail: Bill Swann

Bill Swann has worked in the fields of e-learning and distance education for two decades. He has developed courses and managed development projects in the corporate environment and provided instructional design assistance in the academic environment. He has authored or co-authored articles in the Journal of Learning Design, the Journal of Applied Instructional Design, and the International Online Journal of Education and Teaching. Bill has lived in the south and the midwest, but he's loving being a new New Mexican.

Shannon Roberson Wildenstein

Instructional Designer
(505) 277-8591
Mail: Shannon Roberson Wilderstein

Shannon Roberson Wildenstein is an Instructional Designer at UNM’s Center for Digital Learning. Shannon has her Master’s Degree in Organization, Information and Learning Sciences from UNM. Shannon has over twenty years of working as an instructional designer, trainer and facilitator in various roles in the worlds of government, private and higher education settings. She also had her own private consulting practice helping various businesses and organizations design online learning for their programs. Shannon loves her role as an instructional designer at CDL, and is honored to work with all of the amazing people she crosses paths with on a daily basis.

Mary Willms Wohlwend

Instructional Designer
(505) 277-0997
Mail: Mary Willms Wohlwend

Mary Willms Wohlwend has been an instructional designer since 2015. Her background is in teaching English as a Second Language to adults and she received her MA in TESL from the University of Minnesota in 2011. She has taught at the University of Minnesota, the University of Iowa and the University of New Mexico, as well as teaching abroad for a year in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. While teaching at UNM, Mary had a chance to teach an online ESL course and worked with a designer in the Course Development group – it was unexpectedly stressful to teach online, but was made so much easier because of the wisdom of her designer. This experience pushed her to apply for a job with the Course dev group so that she could work to support faculty in the same way that she was supported.

Mary is originally from Minnesota and moved to New Mexico with her husband while he completed his MFA in sculpture. They have since moved back to Minnesota, but Mary continues on with UNM remotely as a Course Designer. In her spare time, Mary enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, cooking and baking, and is an amateur weaver/textile artist.

Mark McKee

Multimedia Development Specialist
(505) 277-0691
Mail: Mark McKee

Joining UNM in 1996, Mark was one of the industry's early experts on digital video compression. Mark developed UNM's unique online media approach that focuses on 4 major themes:

  • Highest Quality Aesthetic
  • Negligible cost
  • Instructor comfort and convenience
  • Pedagogical viability
Carol Silverman

Multimedia Assistant
(505) 277-5765
Mail: Carol Silverman

Carol Silverman started her career at NBC Studios in Burbank, California as an audio engineer for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, PGA Golf Tours, and other studio shows. Years later she returned home to Albuquerque to get her Master’s degree in Training and Learning Technologies. Currently she works with the Course Development Group as a Multimedia Assistant producing faculty videos for their online courses.